Instander VS Insta Pro Which Is Best

Instander VS Insta Pro: Which Is Best In 2024

To make your social media experience more delightful with Instagram, many developers come up with different versions of Instagram. Some of the modded applications prove to be far better than the official ones. But in the diversity of modded applications, it is cumbersome for users to select the one which is best among all.

Some of the improved versions are Instander, Instagram Lite, Instagram Pro, Instagram+, etc. In the crowd of new and advanced apps each day it is also important to maintain the security and privacy of users. In today’s article, I will make it easy for you to choose which is a better option Instander vs Insta Pro. Let’s start with a brief knowledge of both applications.

Instander APK

Instander is a modded application with simplified and better user interface. It has a more attractive design which can also be customized according to users’ taste. Instander provides many of the additional features that are obliging to the consumer.

Some of them include downloading content like a pro without the involvement of any supplementary third party, access to copy bios, comments, and captions of anyone on the platform, no hindrance of advertisements and many more.

Insta Pro

Insta Pro is also more widely called Instagram Pro. It is a matter of the moment, and users prefer alternatives to Instagram. Instapro or Instagram Pro is a modified version in many ways as it provides app lock to users which is the most demanding.

It has many other features that are not provided elsewhere like increasing the time limit for stories, checking who has unfollowed you and what messages have been deleted, restoring your lost data, etc. Accommodating the users with a row of new features sets this application apart from others.

Key Features of Instander vs Insta pro

Here I am going to tell you the difference between Instander vs Insta Pro key features:

Download Media

Download Media

Instander is most commonly known due to its built-in downloader by which you can download high-quality photos, videos, reels, IGTV, etc. Not only this you also upload high-quality media which is not possible through the official website. With Insta Pro you can also download media easily.

Verification Mark

Verification Mark

You can get a verification mark on Instander by donating 3$ to the developer and applying through a request. This would be visible to all the people using this app. Contrary to that, there is no such option available for users in Insta Pro.

Block Advertisements

Block Advertisements

Insta Pro does not have any feature like this to remove or block ads, but Instander allows you to make your experience smooth with no barriers. You can readily enjoy your time on Instander without being bound to watch unnecessary ads.

Bundle Fee

Bundle Fee

Instander is the developer for users as a fully free platform with no premium bundles or fees. All the access to features is unrestricted. Besides, In Insta Pro you need to purchase the premium bundle to access all more advanced features. Without getting this bundle the user contact with the application will be limited and ordinary.

Backup Data

Backup Data

Instander doesn’t have any feature to restore or backup the data because there is no risk of losing it. But it is provided in the Insta Pro application. Users can get their lost data in case of removing an application or any issue.

Pros and Cons of Instander


It has the option to upload and download high-quality media

The user interface of Instander is simple and minimal so users can easily understand it.

You can anonymously view people’s stories and messages.

It allows its users to customize the app accordingly.

The feature to copy bios, comments, and captions makes it effortless.


Instander has no app lock feature in its features.

There is no in-built translator to interpret messages or comments directly.

Lack of official updates which could cause compatibility issues.

It has no backup option to restore data.

Pros and Cons of Insta Pro


You can see the messages that have been deleted after being sent.

It has an increased limit for uploading stories so you can upload longer videos.

It provides an inbuilt app lock.

There is an option to back up the data lost.


It is unavailable for iOS users.

There are a lot of bugs and issues.

The web version of Instapro has a few shortcomings.

It needs to be purchased as a premium bundle to access all features.


Talking about features both the apps are competing in the race of Instander vs Insta Pro. Instander offers free access to all its features, but you have to pay a specified amount to get them in Insta Pro. The other non-negotiable issue with Instapro is the security. Instander always prioritizes its users’ privacy over anything, but it would be at risk using Insta Pro as it unauthentic and third-party application with no official website to download.

In all honesty, I have been a user of Instander for a long time and I have never faced any issues throughout my experience. If you are looking for an alternative to Instagram, I would highly recommend it as it is secure and easy to use besides the bonus of extra features.

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