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Instagram is the most popular social networking app, yet it lacks some functionality users would like to see. Consequently, the advertisements affect how you use Instagram on your smartphone.

Instander For PC, Windows Latest [V17.2] Free Download[2024]

Various Instagram MODs for Windows are available due to these problems. With these MODs, you may access many useful features unavailable in the original edition. Without limitations, the Instander app is the greatest third-party Instagram app for PC.

Instander APK is compatible with many Windows versions and may be downloaded for multiple devices. The basic Insta app offers many choices for publishing photographs and videos. This article will walk you through downloading the latest version of Instander for PC.

instander for pc.

Instanser APP Info Table

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APP NameInstander
App TypeModded
Size54 MB
Updated onFebruary 2024

About Instander APK for PC

With the Instander APK, you may add more capabilities to Android handsets, such as downloading videos, photos, and many other types of content without any advertising. As everyone knows, Instagram is a well-known social media platform that has successfully shrunk the world into a little globe. This platform connects individuals, groups, and businesses globally. 

Most applications don’t have enough safety and security. Instander for Windows provides a safe and secure platform, among other things. The diving team behind Instander also made the Insta-modded apps because this program offers more features than the original Instagram app, including better captions.

Why Use Instander for PC?

Instander is a wonderful application with tons of amazing features. It just takes one click to download images or movies using that software. You can see more generated profile photos in full-screen mode that aren’t available on the original Instagram. Furthermore, the software has an amazing ghost mode that gives customers additional protection and safety.

This app has no limits or advertisements, as you will also see. Enjoy watching anything you want With a much better experience than the original Instagram. With the help of this app and your friends who have also downloaded the Instander APK, you can get the verified badge of the inventor.

Why Use Instander MOD APK?

You can enhance your Instagram experience by downloading the Instander APK. A better way to browse or manage your feed is just one of the many enhancements that provide the user an advantage over other Instagram users.

Advantages of Insta MOD APK

Instander is developed to an extent way better than Instagram. Once you get to this application, there is no way back. I listed some of the advantages that you can avail over Instagram:

  • Become influencers.
  • You are free to follow as many influencers and celebrities as you like.
  • Acquire the verified badge (blue checkmark).
  • Download several photos and movies.
  • Turn off the seen status of the message.
  • Save or download narratives.
  • Use is at no cost.
  • The user interface is friendly and straightforward.
  • Infinite: Every single thing.
  • No Commercials.
  • Opened All Exclusive Features.

How to Install Instander for PC?

The creators of the Instander app did not limit their creation to smartphones. Nevertheless, many individuals want to utilize this software on their PCs. They want to use it right away to get access to Instander for PC.

Therefore, it will be easy and trouble-free for you to follow suit if you choose to do that. In the sections below, we have described how to get Instander for PC. Before using Instander on your PC, you must install an Android emulator.

  • Install Bluestacks on your computer.
  • Look for the APK file for Instander.
  • When you locate it, touch on it to start the installation process.
  • Install Bluestacks on your computer.
  • Set up Bluestacks.
  • Using your Gmail login, access the Google Play app.
  • Install the most recent version of Instander on your computer.
  • Using Bluestacks, install the APK file on your PC to download Instander for PC.
  • That is all. You may now use Instander by opening it from the app gallery using Bluestacks.

You can use the application’s functionality as soon as the installation is complete.

install Instander on PC using Nox Player

The instander apk is simple to use. You may get the updated features of the Instander app for free. You have to use your account to log in first. You may view the instander setting on the profile page by clicking the top three parallel bars. You can change the parameters to suit your needs. This app contains many new features, such as blocking advertisements and sharing images and videos.

  • Download Nox
  • Install the software.
  • Start the emulator.
  • Google Play Store will be located on the home screen.
  • Launch the Google Play Store and use your Google account to log in.
  • On your PC, look up Instander and select “download.” It will install itself into your Nox immediately after it has completed downloading.
  • If you already have it on your PC, you can drag and drop the Instander APK file into Nox. Click the file to install it after that.

Features of Instander for PC

The most recent official version of Instagram can be downloaded from the Google Play store, but if you want a full range of features, you can also download Instander for PC from our website. The newest Instagram APK version comes with the following features:

Media Download on PC

Neither photos nor videos can be downloaded with the original Instagram app. Downloading a photo or video to your Windows devices is not possible. With Instander APK, you may save any Instagram picture, video, or profile picture. You can directly download media files from your Android device using the Instander app. Select the images and movies you want to download with this software to begin the download process.


Every user’s top priority while using a social media app is privacy. This program allows us to employ numerous privacy choices in addition to hiding our identity, whether seeing someone else’s status update or posting something on social media.

Photos, videos, and Reels Upload in Better Quality

Every time we upload something to Instagram, the quality of our images, reels, and stories is adjusted based on the screen size. On Instander, however, we may post higher-quality images, reels, and videos.

No ads

The original Instagram app had a lot of irritating advertisements. In contrast, Instander PC is an application free of advertisements. As a result, you won’t see any obtrusive adverts when using this software on your laptop or Windows devices. The lack of advertisements in this app will certainly enhance your experience.

Easy to Use

The user interface of the Instander app is the same as that of the Instagram app. As a result, you won’t encounter any issues using this app on your tablet, smartphone, or Windows devices. All of your additional capabilities will be easily available with this software. Finding the special features of the Instander app won’t be difficult. With this app, you can easily access all the different properties.

Free download

You may download the Instander app for free on any computer, laptop, or tablet. There’s no need to buy a membership to use the Instander app on your device. As a result, you can install this app on your gadget. Click the link below to download and install this software on your computer.

View Full Profile Picture

It’s an incredible way to look at a person’s profile picture up close. It is possible to view someone’s profile photo using the Instander app. You can share the image with others, view it in full-screen mode, and view information about it.

Disabled Analytics

One fantastic feature of this Instander app is that it lets users fast switch data analysis on and off from the privacy settings. This is helpful for individuals who want an app analysis or wish to keep their data private. You might activate the latter option to obtain a more personalized user experience. There is also an iOS version available.

Block Advertisement

We commonly see numerous advertisements that we find unpleasant while using social networking apps. However, blocking advertisements is a feature of Instander. Following blocking, you won’t see any advertisements.

Post Anonymously

You can use Instander’s privacy settings on your laptop or PC. Using these tools, you can look up anyone’s story and read and post messages anonymously. The observed person won’t reveal that you have read his or their story. You can carry out that action in secrecy.


I’ve used this amazing app on my laptop, PC, and mobile devices. The best option if you’re seeking an altered version of Instagram is Instander. Although various Instagram modifications are available, Instander is ideal because of its extraordinary features. Instander consistently lags many versions behind the official Instagram app. It takes time to update to the most recent version. Utilizing the Instander on a PC is virus-free and completely safe.

FAQs About Instander for PC

The Instagram server is used by Instander. Despite not being officially recognized by Instagram, you can install and use Instander PC on your Windows device without any issues.

As everyone knows, Instagram doesn’t offer a lot of features. It also lacks some of the most important features, such as the option for other users to see their friends’ display pictures. Because Instander has so many amazing features that are unique to it and aren’t accessible with any other app, you can use it to solve all of these issues and enhance your experience.

No, it’s not illegal to use this app on PC and Android devices. The official app is not linked to this one. This app was created by a third party. You can get the latest version of this program by downloading it.