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Instandar is a modified version of Instagram, which empowers users to download high-resolution photos, videos, and reels. Instagram Mod APK introduced exclusive features like an ad-free experience, copying bio, ghost mode, and other functionalities.

Instander APK Download Official MOD for Android (2024) 

Instander APK is the better version of one of the most used apps known as InstagramInitially, Insta was limited to just sharing your life through photos and videos and watching your friends and celebrities. Insta MOD has completely changed users’ perspectives by making Insta gram more convenient and entertaining.

Insta is a well-known and one of the most used applications among people and celebrities. Here, you can connect with all the emerging talents and social media influencers through their official accounts. Not only this, but you can also create blogs and become a public figure. Instagram can also contribute to your source of earnings in many ways. But, like all other social platforms, it is limited to certain features.

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What is Instander MOD APK?

Official Instander is an application developed by Russian programmer Dmitry Gavrilov. It allows users many additional features besides what Instagram limits through its platform. It has a lot of customization options according to the users’ interests. This app has preinstalled anti-ban properties that make it safe and secure.

The reason there is no risk for users to get banned for using its mods sets this application apart. You can log in to your Insta account with this app instead of the normal one. You can enjoy cooler things that the normal app does not have.

Version Info

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instander apk

APP NameInstander
Size54 MB
CPU architectureARM64-v8a
Updated onDecember 2023

Instander Download Latest Version for Android

As Instander is an updated version of the original Instagram app, it will not be available on the Google Play store. Today, you can download the latest version of the Instander APK via the provided link to enhance your online social experience by following the given steps:

  • Go to your Android device security settings.
  • Click on “Unknown sources” for app installations. 
  • Search for “Instander APK download” in your browser
  • Download the APK file from an authentic website. 
  • You will find the downloaded file in the file manager. 
  • Tap on the APK file to initiate installation.
  • Follow the easy steps given to finish the installation.

Open the Instander app and sign in using your Instagram login.

Instander Clone APK vs Unclone APK 

The Instander APK is developed with two modes having almost identical features. To install both Insta apps, the developer makes the package names different. 

  • Clone comes with package name, and it can be installed as an independent application. 
  • Unclone comes with com.insta package name, and the original Instagram application needs to be installed to use it.

Benefits of using Instander App

Now, the users do not have to worry about ads as Instander provides ad-free access to Instagram. One can now easily download high-quality profile pictures, photos, videos, IGTV, and reels, through which you can easily keep the content on your device offline. Out of its compelling features, you can copy bios, comments, hashtags, and descriptions.  

Why Download Instander APK? 

Among all the available modified versions of Instagram, Instander is the best for many reasons other than its benefits, as mentioned above. Users will get many privacy settings to hide or control their online status on Instagram.

The other pros of downloading Instander MOD is that you can get a verified badge for your Instagram handle by investing an additional 3$ to the developer, who could be shown to all Instander users.

Monet Theme in APK Instander

Insta MOD APK is well known for its customizable features. One of them is dubbed the Monet Theme. It incorporates background colors and personalizes your App theme as you like by matching it with your wallpaper. This feature is effective on Android and can be accessed through iPhones and PCs.

Apps Similar to Instander APK

Insta Pro: It is another common Instagram app that provides users with additional features such as hiding seen status, typing status, etc.

Aero Insta: Aeroinsta app focuses on dark versions of Instagram combined. It provides features like cool font styles, IOS emojis, etc. 

GB Instagram: This app is also highly customizable, allowing users to change the theme and font size. 

InstaMod: InstaMod is an alternative to Instander. Unlike Instander, it is available for various platforms, including Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Instagram++: It is a modified application of the widely used Instagram app, providing abundant developed features and customization opportunities not found in the original app.

What is Instander BETA

The public Insta MOD is now available after extensive development. Almost everything has been revamped, including structure, logic, and codebase. However, bugs and issues are to be reported in this version. If you want to avoid problems, avoid installing beta. This is still under development.

  • Many changes are made, and you can explore new features. 
  • This version has revised all the structure and codebase. 
  • Translation and clone versions are coming later. 
  • If bugs and issues are expected, report them using the in-app form. 
  • A short break will fix these issues, or wait until fully programmed.

How Can You Update Insta MOD? 

Every latest version of Instander APK has many new features and restored bugs, which update the previous version wholly. Follow the given steps to update with the latest version when available:

  • Open Instander. 
  • Log in to your account if you haven’t done it already.
  • Click on the profile icon located in the lower right corner. 
  • Now tap on three horizontal lines (Hamburger Menu) in the upper right corner. 
  • Now tap on Instander Settings
  • Tap on “OTA Updates.” 
  • You will get two options: “Auto Search for Updates” and “Check Updates.” 
  • Tap on Check Updates. 
  • Now, after a few seconds, if the update is available, you will get a prompt for an update. 
  • Click “Update” and wait for it to be downloaded. 
  • When the download is completed, you will get a reminder to install; tap on it and wait for some time.

Features Of Instander MOD APK? 

Feature and Setting of Instander Mod APK

On our platform, you will find things easy. We will discuss Mod features with pictorial evidence. Here, we have five cool things that improve your time here. First, there’s the Copy Button. It helps you share stuff with your friends. Just tap, and you can easily copy words, captions, or messages. Then, we have the Translate Button. No need to worry about languages. Just use this Button, and words in different languages become easily understood

It’s like making friends all around the world without any language problems. You can also choose your language with Translate Language. Your Instander will speak the way you like. Keeping track of your followers is simple with the Follow Your Indicator. It shows who’s following you back, making things easy to manage. Lastly, there’s Dynamic Color. It lets you change the colours in the app. 



We recommend using the path inside the pictures directly to avoid download problems. Path to download will be as /storage/emulated/0/pictures/Instander. Further, In the Download Feature, we have 5 settings which we can customize as per our interest. 

Notification Alerts

You can turn off and on notifications in the status bar. You can receive timely notifications when your favourite accounts post new content. Stay effortlessly updated on the latest posts without manually checking each profile.

Split Media by Username

Downloaded media files will be divided by user name into subfolders. You can organize your downloaded media seamlessly by username. Instander automatically categorizes your saved content, making locating and enjoying specific posts from your preferred accounts easy.

Original Extension Preservation

Experience media in its true form. Instander preserves the original file extensions of downloaded images and videos, ensuring the highest quality viewing experience. If you disable it, the downloaded files will be converted to JPEG or MP4.


Download Only via Wi-Fi

Manage your data usage wisely. Instander allows you to set preferences for downloading media exclusively via Wi-Fi, preventing unexpected data consumption. This feature is useful when you have limited cellular data. Heavy files which consume data will be restricted. They will be only downloaded automatically when connected to Wi-Fi.

Download Button Convenience

You can add the Button in the feed for faster navigation to the download. Navigate with ease using the dedicated download button. Accessing and saving your favorite content is just a click away, streamlining the process for a user-friendly experience. 


Instagram has a lot of different types of advertising. Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable it completely. This setting turns off 80% of ads in the application. If you still see ads after enabling it, use the “fix ads removal” preferences.


Disable Ads

Take control of your Instander experience by disabling ads. Enjoy uninterrupted scrolling and content consumption without the distraction of advertisements. Be ready for your social media journey to focus solely on what matters to you.

Fix Ads Removal

Instander ensures a seamless ad removal process. Say goodbye to intrusive ads with a reliable fix that enhances your privacy. Experience a cleaner interface without compromising the functionality of the app.

Analytics Protection

Your data is your business. Disable this to prevent Instagram from collecting your data. Instander prioritizes your privacy by safeguarding against intrusive analytics. Enjoy a secure digital environment where your online activities remain personal and protected.

Crash Reports Confidentiality

Instander respects your privacy even in moments of technical hiccups. Crash reports are handled with confidentiality, assuring users that their app-related concerns are addressed without compromising sensitive information. Embrace a worry-free social media experience with Instander’s privacy features, putting you in charge of your digital footprint.

Ghost Mode

Unread Preservation

Enable to keep direct messages as unread. Step into the shadows without leaving a trace. In Ghost Mode, Instander preserves the unread status of messages, allowing you to view them discreetly without alerting senders. Maintain your presence undetected.

Silent Typing

Communicate silently. Ghost Mode introduces silent typing, enabling you to compose messages without notifying others. Craft your responses discreetly, ensuring your online interactions align with your desire for privacy.

View Stories Anonymously

This option provides you with the ability to view stories without the author’s knowledge. Explore stories without revealing your presence. In Ghost Mode, you can view stories anonymously, immersing yourself in content without notifying users that you’ve engaged with their posts. Your social media exploration remains incognito.

Ghost Mode

View Live Streams Anonymously

Attend live streams without making your attendance known. Ghost Mode extends to live streams, allowing you to be part of the audience without your presence being visible. Experience events silently and on your terms. Ghost Mode in Instander offers a cloak of invisibility, empowering you to navigate the social realm without leaving a digital footprint. Embrace a discreet online presence with these powerful features. 

Quality Movements

Instagram checks the screen width and compresses images to fit the screen width. The settings below disable this limitation. This is used for uploading photos at maximum quality.

Quality Movements

Enhance Media Quality

Instander makes your photos and videos look sharper and more beautiful. No more fuzzy images—enjoy a clearer view of your special moments.

Photo Quality

This option reduces image compression on uploading. Your photos deserve to look amazing. Instander enhances their quality, so every detail stands out. Whether it’s a selfie or a picture of your pet, expect a clearer and more vibrant image.

Stories Quality

By enabling this feature, you can increase the bit rate of stories when recording with the built-in camera. Tell your stories with better visuals. Instander upgrades the quality of your stories, making them more engaging. Your friends and followers will see your moments in clear, sharp detail, bringing your stories to life.

Reels Quality

Enable this feature to enhance the bit rate of stories when recording with the built-in camera Experience reels in a new way. Instander doesn’t just play reels; it makes them look better. From funny clips to cool dances, enjoy vibrant colors and sharp visuals, turning your feed into a visual treat. With Instander’s Quality Improvements, your visual content becomes a standout, bringing out the best in every picture and video you share. Enjoy a clearer, more vibrant social media experience. 


Let’s talk about something cool on Instander – Gestures. It’s like magic touches that make things simple.

Swipe to Navigate

Gestures allow you to switch between the home screen and live and create stories. No need for tricky buttons. Just swipe your finger on the screen, and you can go anywhere in the app. Swipe left, right, up, or down, and the Instander easily takes you to different parts. Enable them to enjoy smart moves.

Double Tap to Like

This gesture marks the post as liked. Liking a post is as easy as giving it a little tap – tap twice, and you’re done! Show that you like something without any extra buttons.

Long tap

Enable the long-press Button to enlarge the current image to the full screen. Hold your finger on a post or message, and a menu pops up with more things you can do. It’s like a secret menu that you discover with a long tap.

With Gestures on Instander, everything becomes simpler. Just a few touches, and you’re navigating, liking, and doing more without any fuss. Enjoy the easy moves!


Feed and Stories

Copy Button

Share things easily with the Copy Button. Just tap and copy text, captions, or messages, making sharing content with your friends on Instander simple.

Translate Button

No more language barriers! Use the Translate Button to change captions and comments to your preferred language. Connect with people worldwide without worrying about language differences.

Feed and Stories

Translate Language

Pick your language. Instander lets you choose the language you want, so your feed appears in a way that feels right. There are 22 languages available for translation. Choose which best suits you.

Follow Your Indicator

Keep an eye on your followers. Enable to show an indicator when someone follows you. The Follow Your Indicator shows who’s following you back, helping you manage your connections on Instander effortlessly.

Dynamic Color

Change the look and feel of the app with dynamic color support. Make Instander yours with Dynamic Color. Change the app’s colors to match your style or mood, giving your experience a personal touch.

Auto-Play Videos

Enable to auto-play videos in your feed. Enjoy a non-stop video experience. With Auto-Play Videos, the next video starts playing automatically, making your Instander browsing more enjoyable. This may use more internet traffic.

Suggested Friends

You can hide suggestions for friends in your feed. On the other hand, you can expand your friend circle easily just by disabling this feature. You will get suggestions for new friends based on your interests, making it simple to connect with like-minded people.

In-App Browsers

Use an in-app browser to open links within the app. So, you do not need to leave the app to check links. Instander’s In-App Browsers let you view external content without hassle, making your browsing seamless. Discover these cool features on Instander, designed to make your time on the platform more fun, easy, and personalized. Enjoy a better social media experience with these handy functionalities. 

Instander MOD APK Old Versions

When older devices install the latest versions of an app, it may cause problems when installed. Sometimes, newer versions do not even work with your device due to system incompatibilities. Until the app developer fixes this issue, try using older versions. The installation procedure of Instander is simple. There are two options available to install an old version:

  • Uninstall the current version. 
  • Downgrade the current version. 

Why is Insta MOD Not Working?

These might be some possible reasons: 

  • Delete the official Instagram app before installing the original Instander APK. 
  • Use the clone version until you can install Instander. 
  • Instander MOD does not operate well with Android versions under 9.0.

How to Use Instander on a PC?

Users can use Instander on a PC with the help of an Android emulator. Multiple emulators help to use Instander on PC.

  1. Download and install an emulator named “Bluestacks” on your PC.
  2. After the installation, download the Instander app.
  3. Open Bluestacks and click on the “app browser” icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
  4. When the app browser opens, click on “app install” on the right side.
  5. Now click on the Instander app you downloaded.
  6. And wait in the Bluestacks for the application to be installed. 

Can I Download the Instander APK from Play Store?

Instander is a modded version of the official website Instagram that is not available on the Google Play store. To download Instander, you should use the official website, where you can easily find the APK file for installation on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instander (FAQs) 

Unfortunately, not yet. Third-party apps cannot be downloaded on iPhones or iPads.

Instander is completely safe to use due to its anti-ban properties. It won’t let your account be restricted, banned, or limited.

No, your account will not be banned.

You can use the clone version.

To install Original (UnClone) Instander, you need to uninstall Official Instagram.

This is not Instander’s technical issue. Official Instagram is limited to the number of posts and likes. This keeps users safe from spamming. The blocking is removed automatically within 24 hours.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Instander APK is a blessing in disguise for people who want to use Instagram with extra attributes and peace of mind. People related to any profession can use these extravagant features from different perspectives. With Instander Mod APK, you will have a wonderful experience controlling everything, whether sharing stories, data safety, answering messages, or showing your online presence.

Enhance your social media experience with Ad’s free Instagram pro app, keeping distractions at bay. Download and enjoy your journey with the Instander app. Share it with your family and friends, too.