has completely modified the user perspective of Instagram by making things effortless and more pleasing. Enter the world of social media through Aero insta and have a way better experience than Instagram. Check all the stuff using Aeroinsta to add up some spices.

Aeroinsta Apk Download Latest Version 23.0.2 (2024)

Instagram has always been the talk of the town because of its popularity, and it is being used by almost every celebrity worldwide. However, people always expect advanced features with every update from the creator. Hazar Bozkurt, the developer of Aeroinsta APK, came up with this improved version of the official app after his successful history in Aero Twitter and Aero WhatsApp.

Aero Insta is way better than the basic Instagram app. It has many customizations that set this application apart. Users are free to use the app just the way they want to. It is a better way to shape the application according to your taste.


Aero Insta Apk Vs Official App

If you are among those people like me who get bored using the Instagram app, Aero Insta is the right place for you. Let’s dig into the features that make Aero Insta unique from the Instagram app. AeroInsta Apk comes up with improved privacy settings, fascinating themes, and a lot of innovative features you will be looking for.

Due to its easy handling, you don’t need to be an expert to use Aero Instagram. The official Instagram updates need to be installed to avoid any glitches, but the Aero Insta version does not provide you with all the official updates immediately. 

It’s now up to the users whether they go for the official regular experience with Instagram or choose a more private and tailored journey with Aero Insta.

App Info

Untitled design 9

AiroInsta apk

APP nameAeroInsta
DeveloperHazar Bozkuct
Size74 MB
Last UpdatedFebruary 2024

Insta Aero Requirements

  • Aero instagram can be available for Androids, iPhones, tablets, iPads, etc. To keep your experience fluent, make sure your device is up to date. Aeroinsta APK runs smoothly with the latest update of the device.
  • Instagram requires a digital room in your device to view photos and videos online. Thus, your device should have sufficient space to download and operate the Aeroinsta version.
  • To crack the thrilling experience of Insta Aero, ensure the data connections are at hand. Wi-Fi or mobile data are like fuel to it.
  • Sign up in Aeroinsta APK by providing all the required details if you are a new user. You can also log in directly using your username and password for Instagram, if any.
  • Allow Instagram to use your device camera, microphone, location, and storage to avoid any barriers.

Instagram Aero Download Procedure

You can discover a whole new world of social media by using Aeroinsta APK following a simple download procedure:

  1. Search for “Aero Instagram” in your browser and choose the application from any reliable website.
  2. Before downloading, enable “Allow from other sources” in your settings security options.
  3. Click on the link to download the application. You will find a file in your downloads folder. 
  4. Run the file and give permission to make changes to your device.
  5. Locate the icon of aeroInsta on your home screen, and you’re all set to use the app.

Instagram Aero Installation Guide

Follow the given steps to log into your Insta Aero account:

  1. Click the APK File: Find the downloaded Instagram Aero APK file on your device and tap it to start the installation process.
  1. Sign In (If Existing Account): If you already have an Aeroinsta account, sign in with your existing username and password. 
  1. Sign Up (If new account): If you are new, sign up by giving your email or cell phone number, choosing your preferred method, and proceeding.
aeroinsta apk Installation Guide line step 01
2. Sign In If Existing Account
3. Sign Up If New Account
  1. Provide Email or Cell Number: Enter your email or cell phone number to create your Aero insta account.
  1. Verify Confirmation Code: Verify your account by entering the confirmation code sent to your email or mobile device.
  1. Create a Password: Set a secure password for your Aeroinsta APK account.
4. Provide Email or Cell Number
5. Verify Confirmation Code
6. Create a Password
  1. Save Login Information or Skip: Choose to save login info for quick access or skip if you prefer entering credentials each time.
  1. Provide Birthday Details: Personalize your Instagram aero experience by entering your birthday details.
  1. Create a Username: Design a unique username to represent you on aero instagram apk.
7. Save Login Information or Skip
8. Provide Birthday Details
9. Create a Username
  1. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Accept the Terms and Conditions for a smooth installation.
  1. Add Profile Picture: Enhance your profile by adding a picture that best represents you. 
  1. Get Facebook Suggestions or Skip: Connect with friends through Facebook suggestions or skip to build your network later.
10. Agree to Terms and Conditions
11. Add Profile Picture
12. Get Facebook Suggestions or Skip
  1.  Sync Your Contacts: Optionally sync your contacts to discover friends already on Instagram Aero.
  1. Invite Friends to Follow You: Extend your network by inviting friends to follow you.
  1. Turn On Notifications: Optimize your experience by enabling notifications for likes, comments, and new followers.
13. Sync Your Contacts
14. Invite Friends to Follow You
15. Turn On Notifications

Insta Aero Apk For Pc

Aero Instagram is specifically developed for phones and tablets. To access it on your computer, users have the following two choices to use through web browsers or emulators.

Method 1

Insta Aero Apk for Pc through Web Browser

  • Open Your Web Browser: Start things off by clicking on your favorite web browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, on your computer.
  • Visit Instagram’s Site: Type “” in the top box and hit Enter. It’s like opening the door to Instagram’s online home.
  • Sign In or Sign Up: If you’re already an Instagram person, use your name and secret code. If you are new, tell them what they want to know to join the fun.
  • Explore Instagram: Once you’re inside, look at your Instagram pictures, check out what others are up to, say hi, and make friends.
  • Log out Securely: When you’re done, click your picture, choose the three lines, and pick “Log Out” if others use the same computer. Remember, Instagram on the computer is a bit different. It’s like a special clubhouse mainly designed for phones. Enjoy your online adventures!

Method 2

Aero Instagram Apk for Pc through Emulators

Using an Android Emulator, make your computer act like an Android phone so you can use apps the same way you use on phones. This makes Aero Instagram an easy game on the wide screen of PCs. Before installing it, make sure your computer has enough RAM to support the emulator. Follow the simple steps:

  • Choose an Emulator: Choose a good Android emulator for your PC, like BlueStacks, Nox Player, or Memu.
  • Install the Emulator: Run the installer for the emulator and follow the steps on your screen. It might take a few minutes.
  • Open the Emulator: After it’s installed, open the emulator. It will ask you to sign in with a Google account. If you don’t have one, make a new account.
  • Install Aeroinsta APK: Hit the “Install” button, and the emulator will download and set up Instagram Aero like it’s on a pretend Android phone.
  • Open Aero Insta: Once it’s done, find the Instagram Aero icon in the emulator and open the app.
  • Log In or Sign Up: Log in with your Aeroinsta details or sign up if you’re new. Just follow what it says on the screen.
  • Explore Aero Instagram: Now, have fun using Aeroinsta on your computer. Try out all the cool things it can do.

Using an emulator makes Aero Insta work on your computer’s big screen. But remember, how well it works depends on your computer and the emulator you choose. Make sure your computer is good enough for the emulator to run smoothly. Enjoy Aeroinsta on the big screen!

Instagram Apk Aero Developer Mode

The developer mode of Aeroinsta APK provides users with a lot of customization options that make the experience exciting. Some of the customizations are the following:

Enhanced Customization

This feature allows users to make additional modifications to their accounts according to their tastes.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Users can control who can view their content and who can respond or comment by adjusting privacy settings.

Theme and Visual Tweaks

This option allows changes in the visual appearance of the app, like applying different themes, adjusting font styles, or changing color schemes.

Additional Functionalities

Modified apps possess features not offered by the Instagram app, providing unique functionalities like post scheduling, enhanced media sharing options, or improved navigation.

Experimental Features

There are some features or settings that are still in testing and are officially not available in the app. This option allows users to try unreleased if interested.

Bypassing Restrictions

Aero Instagram includes an option to bypass certain restrictions or limitations imposed by the official app. This could include download features, content visibility controls, or other functionalities. However, using this feature may cause risks of security, account bans, or future update issues.

How to find Aeroinsta Apk Developer Option

You can find the developer option by following the given procedures:

  • Open Aero Instagram application it will take you to the home page.
  • Click the profile picture at the bottom of the screen on your right side.
  • Now click on the three horizontal lines at the top right side of the screen.
  • At the second place on the popup screen, you will find the Advanced Aero Insta Developer option. Hit to see all developer settings.

Aero Insta Development settings

It is very easy for users to customize their stories, posts, direct messages, reels, home screens, general, highlighted stories, and fixes. You are in the right place to find every detail at once. The main thing you need to remember while using advanced development options is the sign-up options. The green sign-up option shows everything is OK and when yellow pops up, it indicates any kind of problem. How about having a look at these settings serially:

Aeroinsta APK Post Customization

Within Post Customization you get six settings which are given below:

  • Enable the ability to break a new line when typing comments.
  • Prevent emojis from being sent to comments with a single tab.
  • Remove the emoji bar in the comments.
  • Enable the ability to delete individual posts in a carousal post (a trash can icon will appear when editing a post).
  • Enable the “See translation” in comments.
  • Disable the “See Translation” in comments.
Aeroinsta APK Post Customization
II. Instaaero Stories customization

Instaaero Stories customization

In the stories section, you will have two options which are given below:

  • Enable the ability to reply to stories using audio messages or a camera.
  • Enable the ability to zoom in on stories using finger gestures.

Insta aero Pin highlighted Stories

You can pin your favorite highlighted stories to appear in the first place. Even in a flood of other stories, you will be able to make it to the top tier.

III. Insta aero Pin highlighted Stories
V. Insta aero Apk Reels Customization

Insta aero Apk Reels Customization

There are many options for reel customization you can find in the app, which makes Instagram more convenient and fun for you than others. Let’s dive into some of them:

  • Remove the “Follow” button in reels to avoid accidentally hitting it.
  • emove the “Follow” button in reels to avoid accidentally hitting it.
  • Users can play reels with fast-forward and rewind options.
  • Reel captions will be shown in comment sections to provide a full-screen view of videos.
  • Add or remove the “Create” option from the story screen that converts your stories into reels.
  • You can resize your reel height to prevent it from taking the entire screen.

Instagram APK Aero Direct Messages Customization

Initially, five options were provided to the users regarding direct message customizations, but now only 4 of them are available. The mod developer removes one of the settings options for some reason. The following settings options are feasible for users:

  • Enable the users to dislike the message just like liking by double-tapping it.
  • Enable spontaneous playing of the next voice message in the chat when the former ends.
  • Keeps old chat interconnection.
  • It provides all new Instagram chat options like vanish mode, themes, forward messages, emoji reactions, selfie stickers, etc.
IV. Instagram APK Aero Direct Messages Customization
VI. Aero Insta Home Screen Customization

Instagram aeroHome Screen Customization

The home screen of your Aero Instagram account can also be customized in your personal manner:

  • You can place the “Heart” icon in the bottom right corner, the “Reels” icon in the bottom center, and the “Share” icon in the top right corner.
  • Also, place the “Heart” icon in the bottom right corner and the “Reels” icon in the bottom center.

AeroInsta Apk General Customization

The general customization options are as follows:

  • Users can enable the “See shared activity” menu (to view or visit a profile, tap the three dots).
  • Enable new Instagram setting design.
  • Disable the new Instagram setting design.
VII. AeroInsta Apk General Customization
VIII. Aeroinstagram Apk Fixes

Aeroinstagram Apk Fixes

Users can fix ads and crashes by using the following four options as given:

  • Fix ad blocker.
  • Fix the crash issue with the “Save” button (if that does not work, try the other option).
  • If the “Copy,” “Translate,” and “Menu” buttons are not visible in the comments, enable this option.
  • If the app crashes when opening chats, enable this option.

Insta Aero Pros And Cons


Aeroinsta APK brings cool stuff and lets you do things the regular Instagram doesn’t allow.

You can customize your Instagram with extra settings like picking themes, fonts, and colors to make it feel more like you.

Some mods give you more say in who gets to see your stuff and how they can interact with your account.

aero Instagram APK Mods might let you download photos and videos straight from the app to your device.

This version of Instagram cuts out ads, so you get to enjoy Instagram without those hectic advertisements.


Using modded apps, like Aero Insta, might put your device at risk. They might not be as safe as the official apps, and there’s a chance of running into malware or other problems.

Using modded apps goes against Instagram’s rules. You could end up with your account banned or restricted for using apps that aren’t officially approved.

Modded apps might not have official support or regular updates.

Modded apps might not keep up with the latest Instagram updates.

Ig Aero Faqs

AeroInsta is like a special version of Instagram. It has extra features and lets you customize things more, giving you a unique Instagram experience.

Using Insta Aero is OK if you get it from a secure site. But be careful because using any changed app can have risks. Make sure to download it from trusted websites to avoid any issues with your account.

Right now, Aero Instagram works best on Android. If you have an iPhone, be cautious and check if there’s a safe version for iOS before trying to install it.

Aero Instagram has some special features for users, like more control over privacy, better ways to share media, and maybe even tools to help with making and scheduling content.

Aero Insta gets updates now and then. To know about the latest stuff, keep an eye out for updates. Check trustworthy sources like official forums or announcements from the developers to stay in touch.

Final Verdict

We are all set to make Aeroinsta APK more fun and safer for users. Make sure to always download the application from reliable sources. Keep your device updated to fix any issues and have a carefree experience. We will provide an easy guide for how to operate the app. Users can share their ideas through the community we create. Give us your feedback about the app to help us make it better for users.