Instander vs Instagram Lite -Comparison 2024

If you are someone looking for Instagram’s best-modded application, you are right place. We will let you know all the things users must be aware of before switching between apps. The clue is Instander VS Instagram Lite. So before reaching any conclusion let’s talk about both of them individually.

Instagram lite was introduced by Meta for users’ ease as it can be easily operated on all Android devices even those having low network speed. Instander developed by Dmitry Gavrilov is the foremost application with all new features engraved which users are searching for in an official app.

Comparison Instander VS Instagram Lite

Let’s do a comparison between Instander VS Instagram Lite:

  • Low Photo Quality
  • Limited Features
  • Only for Android

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Low Photo Quality


Instander is the only application that allows its users to upload photos in high quality even better than the official Instagram website. On the other hand, Instagram Lite being using a low data connection is not able to maintain the quality of the content uploaded. It is very limited when it comes to photo adjustments in the form of filters and customization.

Limited Features

Instagram lite however provides a social platform for users facing issues like storage and internet connection but is limited when it comes to features. It even lacks some of the basic features of official applications like live streaming, reels, DMS, etc.

Besides, Instander proves to be the standing application with not only all Instagram features but also adds to so many enhanced options. It allows users to download profile pictures and copy bios and comments that are not accessible through Instagram. It is not just a Modded application but a better version of Instagram.

Only for Android


Instander is available for a wide range of users operating Android or iOS. You can also use Instander on Windows to have more fun with the enlarged screen. Unfortunately, Instagram Lite is only accessible to Androids. It means the people using iOS can’t enjoy the perks of the lite version of Instagram. However, if you switch to Instander you will have more features to enjoy and more compatible devices.

Pros and Cons of Instander


It adds many additional features like an inbuilt downloader for photos, videos, reels, etc.

It is very protective of users’ privacy.

It will make your experience ad-free.

You can benefit by hiding your identity using its “Ghost Mode”.


It has no built-in app lock.

There are sometimes bugs and issues in the application.

Random updates can make it incompatible with your device.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Lite


It will provide you with a great experience with no hindrance.

It is lighter than the official Instagram.

Both Instagram and its lite version are developed by the same developer Meta.

There are fewer features but it gives more fluent scrolling.


Functions are very restricted which makes the user get bored with time.

Fewer updates in the application make it outdated.

It is only available for Android users.

Live streaming features are disabled in the application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, the application is actively built for only Android users and is not available elsewhere. However, if you are still interested in using it on Windows there are several methods explained in articles on how to make it possible.

As this application is also supported with low internet usage the quality of the content showing and uploaded becomes distorted in some cases. If we don’t want to face the issue switch to the official Instagram application or other modded versions like Instander.

As it is a lighter version of Instagram it only allows users to upload a single photo per post. It is a payment-free experience, so it makes the users’ experience glitch-free.

The most basic difference between Instagram and Instagram Lite is that the latter is designed for users with old devices having less common updates. The official Instagram app would not be compatible with their devices so the developer introduced a lighter version.

Final Words

Ending my article Instander vs Instagram Lite with my personal opinion for you all. I am the oldest user of Instander due to its better user interface.  If you are someone facing issues like storage space or internet speed you can opt for Instagram lite but again it will limit the official Instagram experience.

Your social media coverage would become restricted in comparison to others. Choosing Instander will prove to be the best choice as it is an enhanced version providing you with all new features more often, so you don’t get bored on this platform. It also allows users to ask for support and reply to all their queries.

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