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Being social media freaks, we all use Instagram more often. From posting our favorite pictures to sharing daily stories and from liking each other’s posts to following trends, we are becoming more captivated by Instagram day after day.

Instander APK iOS Latest Version V18.0 IPA Free Download-[2024]

Believe it or not, now we get hot topics in town through this platform rather than listening to the news or reading magazines. Even after this much relish, it lacks some features that sometimes irritate the users. The Dise developer thus developed a modified and finer version named “Instander APK.” It is worth noting that you can now enjoy Instander APK for iOS free on iOS devices, too.

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instander apk for ios

APP NameInstander For iOS
Size54 MB
CPU architectureARM64-v8a
Updated onDecember 2023

What is Instander APK for iOS?

Instagram is widely used and the most popular among all people and even celebrities today. It is famous for its photo-sharing option, where you can enjoy other people’s content and post yours. You can share videos and photos and live-stream using the application. However, the features are limited to this extent, and users may get bored over time.

Premium Insta has introduced new features like Reels, IGTV, and IG stories that are very captivating but still have drawbacks. For instance, to access all the filters and effects on your iPhone, you need to install Instander IOS APK.

One of the limitations users face while using Insta is it does not allow users to download any media directly. You cannot get a verification badge without following the long and wearing process. There are many more of them other than I mentioned; Instander is developed to improve your experience on Insta by allowing you to do anything.

Are You Frustrated by Insta Pro Restrictions?

If you are like me and get annoyed by Instagram sometimes due to its limited available options, Insta MOD is the right platform for you. Instander APK IOS provides unlimited access to the perspective of Instagram, where you can roam around without any restrictions and cherish this on your iOS devices.

Today, Instander MOD APK is one of the most enjoyed apps. Installing and downloading Instander APK for IOS is not as simple as Instagram, but this blog will guide you step-by-step on downloading and installing the App on your devices.

What is the Full Form of APK and IPA?

APK, or “Android Package Kit,” is a file format for applications designed for Android devices. APK files are organized with Android Studio. It is a genuine integrated development environment (IDE), perfect for making Android software. In short, the format APK represents an application designed especially to take effect on the Android operating system.

IPA or “iOS Package App Store” files are specially developed to operate on devices with an iOS operating system, like APK files developed for Android operating systems. IPA files are mainly designed for Apple Products like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

 IPA files are equivalent to APK files, with only one major difference: they are utilized by devices with different operating systems. The conclusion is that the IOS version of APK files is called IPA files. Therefore, installing and running APK files on iOS devices is impossible. It is just like charging an iPhone with an Android charger. 

Requirements to Install Instander APK for iOS?

If you want to operate an IPA file on your iPhone, you should seek the IPA version of that app if one exists. The reason Instander iOS cannot work well with the original Instagram app is that you need to delete the original Instagram app from your iOS device.

  • To delete the app, go to your home screen.
  • Tap and hold on to the Instagram icon.
  • Then select Remove App.

How to Download Instander APK on iPhone?

Now that you understand much about an IPA file installing and running an APK file on an iPhone is impossible. The process is tricky, but follow the steps to complete the downloading process.

  • First, download any Impactor ALTstore or Cydia.
  • Tap on the download button. This button will shift you to the download page.
  • Download the Instander IPA file.
  • Using a USB cable connect your device to the computer.
  • Drag and drop the IPA file in the impactor.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Now go to file manager -> IPA’s -> click on the IPA file.
  • Now, after clicking on the file, if it says that the installation of unknown apps is blocked, then.
  • Tap on settings -> General and click on the “trust button.”
  • Tap on install, Instander iOS, and you are good to go! You have successfully installed the application.

What Does Mean Instander IPA?

There is no official iOS version of the Instander app available for iOS users. Insta MOD is designed for Android users as its name specifies “APK.” But this is not to disappoint you; IPA operates in the same manner as an app for Android. Google uses APK file format, but Apple uses IPA file format. You can easily use the application on your iOS devices by downloading an IPA file of Instander.

Features of Instander APK for iOS

If you are sunk using Instagram and its bounded features, then Insta MOD APK will satisfy you with all of the modifications and additional features of Instagram. Scrolling would be more enjoyable than before. Let’s dive into some of its exceptional features:

Download IG-TV Stories


If you are like me and viewing some content once is not enough for you, download Instander IPA on your iOS devices, as it allows you to download media on your phones. You can download videos and photos, and saving IGTV and stories is also possible now. Enjoy your favorite content by saving it in your iOS gallery for future ease.

Download Pictures and Videos

While using the Instander app, you can effortlessly download pictures, videos, and stories from anyone on Instagram. This feature is a great way to save the content for your use or to share with others.



This feature enables users to change the theme of their Instagram account, making it look different and presentable according to their tastes.

Mark Conversation

You can “mark conversation with a star” to your important messages for easy recapture. It will save you the effort of digging into the whole conversation to find that one message.

Automatic Translation

It was burdensome before to connect with foreigners due to language barriers, as many people wish they could understand their idols’ language, and this feature makes that possible. You can now translate the comment into any language you want. Also, you can translate the text on the posts, IG stories, and reels. 

Multiple Logins

Instender-For0-ios-Multiple Logins

Some of us require more than one Instagram account at once. This facilitates you when you want to separate your account from the one that may be for some business or profession. Whatever the reason, using two or more Instagram accounts on the same phone is now convenient using Instander iOS.

HD Quality

This app is the modified version of Insta so that users can view and upload high-quality content. This app will be eager to please users who want to watch content in HD quality, as the original Instagram app does not allow that because it consumes more data. Also, Insta makes the quality of uploaded media worse. However, this app will rescue the quality of posts by not compromising it.

privacy policy

This app has an excellent privacy policy that overrides Instagram. Using this app, you can hide a lot of stuff that bugs you. For example, you can hide the read receipts on messages that make the sender unaware of whether you have seen the message or not.

Hide Stories

This feature makes you hide your view on stories so that others will never know you have seen their stories. Another option is to hide your opinion update while watching a live stream, so the person streaming will never know you are there.

Blocks Ads

Instender-For-ios-Blocks Ads

Ads popping up while you peacefully watch a video is annoying sometimes. Using Instander, you do not have to view any ads, making it the best choice for users who want to use Instagram without interruption. You can block all the ads at once rather than wait for them to mesmerize you.

Custom Friends List

Instander mod allows its users to create a custom friend list, so the specific friends you want to share your content with can watch your stuff.

Copy Others Bio

Sometimes, we find an interesting Instagram bio and want to copy it, but Instagram does not allow this. This problem is frustrating, especially when we have to copy everything manually. Instander users can easily copy people’s bios and comments and post captions. This app makes everything accessible.

Quick Delete Notifications

Being unable to delete notifications can be very embarrassing sometimes. Maybe we want to clear out our notifications for aesthetics or because we accidentally liked someone’s photo from 76 weeks ago. Whatever the reason, Instander allows us to delete notifications.

Advance Filters

If you want to add more splash to your conversations on Instagram, consider shifting your app to Instander. This app has iOS emojis, which users can add to their messages to make them more creative and banter.

What is the difference between Instagram and Instander app?

The explicit difference between the official Instagram app and the modified version is that the former has no restrictions. The latest version lets users download multimedia files such as photos, videos, reels, and audio clips. Additionally, the Instander has several of the latest features unavailable on the official app, like copy bios and HQ quality.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, you can view photos from private accounts on Instagram. To enjoy this feature, you must download and install the Instander iOS on your device. When you are done with installing, you can view photos of private accounts.

No, you don’t need to buy any features. Instander is designed for users to enjoy it for free after downloading accordingly.

No, it doesn’t invade users’ privacy. Instander is a reliable program that many people use because it is a safe application. There is no risk to your personal information or photographs while using the Instander app.

This modified application is now available for your computer and Windows devices. 


Instander iOS is a guarded and inviolable application for iPhone users. You can download Instander IPA through AltStore. It is always great to know when iPhone users find some applications that are not paid for. For users looking for a great free iOS social app, the Instander app is the best match. We provide you with the risk-free malware mod version of Instagram for the best experience. We highly appreciate your comments on your experience while using the app and welcome technological improvements.


Instander iOS is a guarded and inviolable application for iPhone users. You can download Instander IPA through AltStore. It is always great to know when iPhone users find some applications that are not paid for. For users looking for a great free iOS social app, the Instander app is the best match. We provide you with the risk-free malware mod version of Instagram for the best experience. We highly appreciate your comments on your experience while using the app and welcome technological improvements.