Instander Old Version Download Free For Android 2024

If you are having trouble installing the Instander program on your phone, likely the version you are installing is not compatible with your phone. First, determine which version your phone supports and then download that version. If you are concerned that the current version of Instander APK will not work on your phone and you want to use Instander old version, such as v16.0, do not worry.

Instander IG outdated versions 17.0, 16.0, 16.2, and 15.0 (all versions) that require different Android versions can be downloaded from this page. Download the version compatible with your phone. iOS users can also utilize instander.


List of Instander Old Versions

With its comprehensive functionality and customization possibilities, Instander is Instagram’s most widely used modified version. The Instander app has been released in multiple versions, each with special features. However, we occasionally would like to revert to an earlier program version. The list of previous Instander versions is provided here, and you can download them for free.


Instander v18



Instander v17.3



Instander v17.1Old12/01/2023
Instander v17.0Old25/12/2022
Instander v16.2Old15/12/2022
Instander v16.0Old20/06/2022
Instander v15.4Old27/04/2022
Instander v15.3Old08/04/2022
Instander v15.2Old22/03/2022
Instander v15.1Old15/01/2022
Instander v15.0Old18/12/2021
Instander v14.1Old19/11/2021
Instander v14.0Old17/10/2021
Instander v13.1Old19/10/21

Why Use Instander Old APK?

Every new edition of Instander, as you are all aware, is based on the most recent version of Instagram; thus, if you dislike a feature added to Instagram, you won’t like it in Instander either. In that case, you should revert to the earlier version of Instander. The majority of users go for Instander Old Versions for this reason. On our website, you may get previous versions of Instander for free.

Many of the advanced functions found in the standard app are also present in this one. You have complete access to the most recent additions. Users now have more control over how they use Instagram, thanks to the Instander Mod APK. Users can customize the app’s look, enable more privacy options, and use functions like hiding read receipts and turning off message typing indicators. According to users of the app, the following are some intriguing features.

  • You can customize your Instagram to reflect your style if you use the older version of Instander APK.
  • With the old Instander APK, take an unusual approach to Instagram and engage yourself in an exceptional experience.

Supported Version Of Instander APK With Code Name

Different Android versions were necessary for these files. We are giving the specifics of the Android version along with its code name that satisfies the criteria for these files. Only the subsequent versions are compatible with the files mentioned here.

  • KitKat: 4.4-4.4W.2
  • Jelly Bean: 4.1-4.3.1
  • Lollipop: 5.0-5.1.1
  • Android 10 or Android 11
  • Android 12 and Android 13
  • Nougat: 7.0-7.1.2
  • Marshmallow: 6.0-6.0.1
  • Ice Cream Sandwich: 4.0-4.0.4
  • Oreo: 8.0-8.1 Pie 9
  • Gingerbread: 2.3-2.3.7

Additional versions from 2013 and beyond are available.

How to Download Instander Old Version?

If you only follow these simple instructions, you can download and install this program without breaking your teeth.

  • Select the file from the list above that works with the version of Android that you have.
  • Once your internet is fast enough, click on that file and wait for your file to download.
  • After downloading the file, open the phone’s settings, type “unknown sources” into the search box, and turn on unidentified sources.
  • Go to the downloaded file, which should be on your SD card or internal storage, after enabling unknown sources.
  • Once the file has been searched, clicking it will present an install or cancel choice.
  • Your application will be installed when you select the install option.

How to Install Instander Old Versions?

Installing Instander is a rather easy process. Installing an older version can be done in one of two ways: uninstalling the current version or downgrading it. The first approach is simple; the second requires you to install the instander as usual but provide access to install updates, so there’s no need to delete the present version.

Difference Between Instander Old and Latest Version

New features introduced by Instagram are often included in the most recent version of Instander. The latest version is free of bugs. These upgrades guarantee a safer experience and assist in safeguarding user data. The latest version was updated and improved regularly.

Some users prefer the older version because the older version is still compatible with older devices. Compared to the current version, the old version received less updates. Read over the features of the newest and older versions of Instander while using them. You can choose an app that best meets your needs and preferences by carefully reviewing its features.

 Features of Instander Old Version

Most of the features omitted from the original Instagram are included in Instander. The choice now remains with you, considering whether to use Instagram, which is accessible on APK YP but lacks the features that are part of Instander. The following is a list of all the features that the old version of Instander possessed.

  • Check who follows you: To find out if someone is following you, visit their profile. There, you can see if they are following you or not.
  • Hide typing: Additionally, you can turn off your typing from the settings. The person you are sending the message to won’t know that you are typing him a message if you hide your typing.
  • Hide status: You can turn off your hidden status option if you view someone else’s status and don’t want to reveal your identity to them.
  • Autoplay stories: You can turn off the autoplay stories feature if you want the story to stop playing after the present one has finished.
  • Remove lags: You will not experience any lags with this software. Everything will go according to route. This application lacks the backing of delays.
  • Enable or disable read receipts: The person whose message you see won’t know that you’ve seen it once you disable read receipts. Read receipts are always optional.
  • Hide your number of likes and follows: Once you enable this feature, people won’t see how many followers and likes you have on your account.
  • Hide the active state: You can conceal your active status on Instander if you would rather keep that information private. 

Restrict DMS

If you have a large following and they DM you frequently, you will get tired of receiving pointless messages. Rest assured, this program allows you to limit the DMS access of specific individuals of your choosing. They won’t be able to message you after you restrict DMS.

Hide Identity While Commenting and Liking Posts

With the help of this remarkable function, you can remain anonymous when liking or commenting on someone else’s post. Neither the person whose posts you are commenting on nor anybody else can see your name. 

Triple Taps to Download Post

By touching on the post three times, you can also download it. With this feature, you can download a post by tapping it three times, eliminating the need to search for the download option. You can disable this function at any moment using this app.

Change Function

Both your camera and DM settings are customizable. This can be done using the “DEFAULT” configuration. You can easily open the camera or direct message by swiping right or left after adjusting the settings.

  • Reduce Quality: Instagram might occasionally cause your images to lose quality. Downloading the Instander app eliminates all of this.
  • Remove Black Edge: A black border around a story can readily be removed for the viewers.
  • Finger Gesture: You can zoom in or out with finger motions when viewing the photographs.

Instander Old Versions Pros and Cons


Downloading images, reels, videos, and IGTV

Disable typing

Disable the advertisements

Your account can be verified for just three dollars

Turn off the status view


No lock on apps

Updates on Security

Informal updates

Account banned problems if you’re using an unclone file and using Instagram and Instander

About Instander Old Version FAQ?

Yes, it is possible. But if you have a clone file, you cannot utilize both apps at the same time. However, you must download an unclone file to run both apps simultaneously.

Indeed, it is freely accessible. However, you have to download it from a reliable source. It is available for download using the URL provided by us.

Neither the old nor the new version of Instander will cost you any money to download. You may download Instander for free.

The past versions of Instander are available for free download at The list contains all of the Instander’s released versions.

Indeed, every version of Instanderold is fully functional and safe. I have tried every version shown in the above table, and I can guarantee that it is functional.


If you want to avoid problems, installing the older version of the Instander APK on your Android smartphone is preferable. People enjoy using this software since it protects your privacy and allows you to undertake many private activities that Instagram does not yet allow. Additionally, Instander always adds new and amazing features that draw users in.

I have to admit that this amazing Instagram-modified app is the epitome of perfection. I use it daily. This app has a ton of unlocked features that every user wants. Without further ado, I would like this amazing application because I have had nothing but positive experiences.

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